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I'm on a mission to help 100,000 professionals to land their desired job with the salary they deserve and lay the groundwork for their future career advancement. 

Personality Development

Leveraging my deep-rooted experience of 19 years in corporate leadership, with a special focus on sales, marketing, and alliances, I am committed to shaping the career paths of recent college graduates and rising professionals. With my dual expertise as a certified soft skills trainer and licensed NLP practitioner, I aim to enhance personality development, preparing individuals for professional success and empowering them to achieve their career aspirations.

Super Resources Academy

In 2021, I established this community with the clear objective of aiding recent college graduates and young professionals in kick-starting and propelling their careers forward.

A Community of Ambitious Professionals Aiming to Enhance Their Careers while Contributing to India's Economic Prosperity.


Confidence is your willingness to act even when you are afraid, and the outcome is unknown. Get access to a proven "Public Speaking Formula" that will help you overcome your stage fear and boost your confidence - essential for success in the corporate world.

We have heard great user experience

  • Mr. Perseus Udachia was highly professional and enjoyable to learn from. His examples and explanations were very relevant, and I learned a lot from the course. It assisted me in improving my speaking skills through intonation, hand gestures, and many other techniques. There was a significant difference between when I first delivered my speech without prior knowledge and the one I delivered much later. The course has given me a huge confidence boost, and I've overcome my public speaking fears. The training is of the highest caliber. Excellent course, highly recommended for graduates looking to boost their confidence and get a head start in their careers. Thank you very much, Mr. Perseus Udachia, for guiding me.

    Chirag Ale

    Pursuing Bachelors in Business Administration in Canada

    Chirag Ale
  • When I was in school, whenever I was put on the spot or had to perform something, I used to get nervous and sweat a lot more than usual. I simply couldn't give my all, and I realized that this prevented me from thoroughly enjoying myself and living my full potential. I didn't want this fear to act as a road block in my future career advancement. So, I started with Perseus Sir's in October 2022, and the journey has been wonderful.

    The sessions have been divided into neat and detailed subjects such as communication skills, voice modulation, body language, pronunciation, and much more. The difference between my initial speech and the last speech I recently delivered is striking.

    Since the beginning of my college career, I've seen how these sessions and Perseus Sir's guidance have helped me grow. I've made many friends that I would not have been able to make if I hadn't joined Super Resources Academy. This community has had a significant impact on my personality, the benefits of which I will reap in my professional career, and I would like to thank Perseus Sir for this.

    Nachiket Parulekar

    Pursuing MBBS In A Government College in Mumbai

    Nachiket Parulekar
  • My name is Yohan Framji, and I am a BCom graduate. I recently started working as a Digital Marketing Intern in Mumbai. I have struggled since childhood to speak in public and have never had the confidence to do so. 

    I tried to overcome my fear, but it had no effect. Perseus helped me overcome my problem by providing me with the ideology and motivation to speak. Thanks to Perseus, I overcame obstacles while learning the technique and science behind effective communication. I could feel the inspiration throughout the program and appreciate the guidance. I could express myself freely and have benefitted immensely through this program. 

    I strongly recommend this program to recent graduates who want to ace job interviews and launch and advance in their chosen careers. 

    Yohan Framji

    BCom Graduate from Mumbai

    Yohan Framji

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I've had the honour of being invited as a guest speaker to some of India's most prestigious educational institutions to address their students on a variety of topics. To name a few, these institutions include:

Some topics I enjoy speaking on are:


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The Art of Creating a Career That you Love


Personality Development is the key to your success.

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